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wookie? chewbacca? jarvis!

"cutest. dog / mop. evar"
- sean salmon, friend

"i never knew he had legs!"
- phaedra riley, friend

"I'd like to see Jarvis make an appearance in the Wario Ware franchise. Possible games. "Yawn" "Maintain balance while peeing" "Eat" "Find Food while blind."
- david jacobs, friend

"that jarvis has got a six million dollar nose"
- tom ainslie, friend

"lots of times i can't tell which side is up with jarvis."
- andrew cha, friend

"shet. pogi."
- lille bose, friend

"I love this dog so very much."
- caterina fake, friend

"i'm still trying to figure it out.....is that a dog?"
- donny tsang, hater

more jarvis on cheesedip.com, on flickr lia + liabulaong